Welcome to The ABR Travel - B2B

A new and innovative travel company that specializes in B2B travel solutions for travel agencies and businesses worldwide. The brain child of three enthusiastic young travel personnel with more than four decades of travel industry experience between them. The company is all set to become the go-to travel partner for travel associates looking for personalized, boutique-style travel services that perfectly suit their needs.

The team of experienced travel experts understands that every traveler is unique, so creating customized travel solutions for each clients is a commitment. No matter what the travel needs are, working closely with the client to design a travel program that exceeds expectations and delivers exceptional value, is a priority.

What we are best at:

At The ABR Travel -B2B, the belief that there's no one-size-fits-all travel, every traveler is different, the choices and expectations different, budget is different has motivated us to make each trip a trip that reflects individual tastes and preferences. A bouquet of travel product, travel services, travel assistance and bespoke itineraries is ready to suit the specific interests, preferences and budget of every traveler.

Group Tour

MICE/corporate group tours being one of the most rewarding but also highly sensitive travel vertical is also one of the many products in our travel bouquet ready with able experts to handle the nitty-gritties of MICE groups. Expert and experienced personnel for Bargaining with airlines for the best group fares, getting best hotel rates and apt transportation to suit the corporate needs gives the associate travel partner the edge to close such travel deals.Read More

Hotel Deals

Having close association with Hotels at various destinations and varying category to cater to the budget of the client gives the travel associate an advantage over others to give the client a worthy hotel accommodation at the destination. The hotel contracting teams with its market intelligence gets the best deals for the associate travel partners to be step ahead of competition.Read More


Indian sub-continent has seen a crazy rush towards cruise vacationing and a very high percentage of the same travelers are maturing towards cruises in Europe and America after having experienced the far-east cruise itineraries. At The ABR travels cruise products have also increased from far-east cruise liners to middle-east cruise liners and now is all set to enter the European luxury cruise products looking at the surge of travelers towards these destination in Europe and American waters. The team has the best cruises, economic and lavish itineraries, best supporting itineraries to cruise itineraries to go with it, ready to be served to all cruise lovers. Read More

Air Ticketing

The bread and butter of any travel firm, The ABR travels has not left this vertical unattended. The apt fares, with perfect bargaining for group travel and even individual travel has been set in place by the team that has excellent terms with all domestic and international airlines and their marketing teams. A seamless air travel will be chalked out for individual, family or group travels, to any destination domestic or international and that to with an affordable fare best fitting your travel and budget.Read More

International And Domestic Destination Management

Our trusted and top rated supply chain and at destination managers will ensure that every holiday package group, family or individual is handled smoothly and to the client’s utmost satisfaction. Every itinerary is properly documented, explained and executed with proper coordination by our destination management team to give the client a perfect hassle free holiday experience. The effort has been made to associate and employ only the best in the business and at the destination so that the client experience is only the best!Read More

Visa Assistance

Experienced team of visa handlers have been put in place to look into and guide the traveler with visa documentation and process to ensure timely granting of visa. Granting of visa is always the prerogative of the issuing authority, but the team makes sure that the chances of visa being granted becomes higher and this highly lengthy and very tedious process smoother. At The ABR Travel -B2B, being reliable, transparent, and delivering the best of services to every associate is a matter of pride to us. Belief that building strong mutually beneficial and trust worthy relationships with B2B partners is essential for the success of any B2B firm. The team is committed to working closely with the clients to ensure that we meet their needs and exceed their expectations.Read More

The Board

Akshay Namdev

Humble beginnings as a travel agency executive to heading central India for huge multinationals like TBO and Rezlive, has the perfect set of skills and knowhow to take the company forwards in it journey in the field of multifarious verticals of the travel world may it be domestic or international ticketing, economic tailor made packages or allied services.

Bharat Sharma

With thorough knowledge of a travel agency, suppliers, clients and its needs for internet based services and online products while being at Amadeus (a leading software and airline support company) for over a decade, after which headed the spread of Cruise product for Central India with ARK Travels (a leading Cruise Marketing company), is all set totake The ABR travels in its initiative to bring the best of cruises world wide and its best deals to agency doorsteps. Read More

Raj Shukla

Over one and half decade of travel operations, sales and marketing expertise with various agencies and industry leaders for hotel products like 2HUB and Tamarind Global, will be spearheading operations and hotel products for The ABR travels. The intricate knowledge of hotel industry, pricing, services and hurdles will be a help to associate travel agents to get a hassle free stay for their clients and also clinch the best deals on accommodation in packages.Read More

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